Most likely, you’ve heard of pickles or ice cream when pregnant cravings are mentioned. Did you know that the most popular cravings are for spicy food and chocolate? When do cravings for pregnancy start? What causes them to start? Holy cow, some foods make me gag. Let’s get it figured out together.

So, when do you go craving the weird combos?

What’s the best part? You might be able to trigger your pregnancy cravings before you get a positive pregnancy test! You can’t deny it! You can’t go wrong with cheese fries topped blueberry yogurt as soon as your baby starts to grow into a little peanut-sized girl. Your pregnancy cravings should decrease in the second trimester and increase in the third. However, you shouldn’t be surprised if some foods are still difficult to digest even after giving birth.


Hormones, actually. Although experts aren’t sure why women love certain foods, they know that hormonal changes are the main reason.


Now, let’s think about your period. The hormonal changes that you experience during pregnancy can have a significant impact on your mood and senses. These hormones can trigger your cravings for certain foods and the feelings they cause. You might suddenly find yourself able to smell the salty fries or chocolate or barbecue that isn’t on your block. You don’t have to be mad if you find foods that smell delicious (you could even try cheesy fries with blueberry yogurt!) but then your favorite pancakes suddenly smell gross and make you mad the next day. You are just becoming a cute little person.

Are there cravings that you shouldn’t give in to?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes. Contact your healthcare provider if you find that your pregnancy cravings are redirected to corn starch, clay, or dirt. These cravings aren’t as uncommon as they sound and could be an indicator of iron deficiency. Avoid eating deli meats, sushi, soft cheeses and uncooked meats. These are the ones you should avoid throughout your pregnancy.

If your pre-pregnancy diet included a lot of vegetarian foods, but you suddenly crave meat, it is time to have an internal assessment. High iron foods are better than a BLT sandwich.

Pregnancy cravings are normal. Your pregnancy food journey should be delicious and make you feel good, even if it’s just cheesy fries with blueberry yogurt.