Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We’ve shipped over 1,000,000 boxes to happy moms and we screen all products to be sure they are safe for you during pregnancy. Protect your bump with each box delivered to your door! You can feel confident that your new box each month is helping you celebrate pregnancy and protect your bump!

All first-time orders will be processed within 1-2 Business Days. If you are a subscriber, your next subscription box will be delivered to your door between the 17th and 29th of each month!

Reality Munch is a monthly subscription service that curates products promoting a healthy and fun pregnancy, all tailored to your due date. Every product is hand-picked by our Moms and designed to pamper you throughout your pregnancy! Don’t worry! If baby arrives during the subscription, Mama will get a box made just for baby! Each box delivered to your door is valued at over $60!

Convenient products are a HUGE time saver and, trust us, we get it and that’s why our mission is to give you back that time of running around from store to store to find the convenient, safe products for your bump. There are thousands of thousands of chemicals that should be avoided during pregnancy. Don’t be alarmed! Our team screens every single product, reads every single label, does the internet search and phone calls for you because we are made by moms, for moms to help you start your little one’s journey as safely as possible right from the bump.