It can be frightening to think about labor and delivery if you are a first-time mom. It can be overwhelming to think about pregnancy and delivery.

It is normal to have a million questions running through your head. Whether you’re a first-time mom or not, we don’t all have the answers. We can only give each other general advice. Take what works and leave the rest. Every mama, every baby, every pregnancy, and every labor experience is unique!

Let’s now get down to the details.

1.What should I bring?

We have comprehensive lists of must-haves to bring to the hospital or birthing center for you, your partner, and for the baby. There are also some “nice-to-have” items that can make your birth and postpartum more pleasant. Once you have those must-have items down (think photo ID, birth plan, toiletries, etc. We recommend that you also bring some comfort items.

You can bring whatever comfort you need, including your favorite snacks, comfort blankets, and even birth songs.

Your birth plan is the best way to protect yourself, regardless of whether you are having a scheduled c-section or a home birth. You will be less stressed if you prepare for the unexpected. There are many unknowns during delivery.

2.Do I have to shave…down there

Let’s face it, you are probably not used to going to the OBGYN and wearing uncomfortable stirrups at this stage of your pregnancy. This means that you need to know what you feel most comfortable with when it comes to personal grooming and being seen by others.

You should only shave if you feel comfortable doing so. You may not feel like shaving or find it difficult to reach your vagina for shave. You don’t have to worry about shaving when you prepare for delivery.

You can do what you like, but it’s not a good idea to shave for the doctors or nurses. They have seen it before, and don’t care if you have hair or if you just shaved. Your experience with a positive, safe delivery is what the nurses and doctors want!

3.Do I have to poop?

This is a great question, and it prompts us to answer the following: The doctors and nurses would not care if you poop during labor. Many mothers poop during labor.

You are pushing hard to get the baby out, using the same muscles as you use to poop. It is common for women to poop in labor, and sometimes it happens more than once. There’s a good possibility that you won’t notice if something falls out. Your nurse will deal with it as a professional. It is not unusual for labor and delivery. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you had a bad labor experience. It is just normal.

4.Who should I invite to the room?

This is a common question, surprising or not. Despite the fact that the Mama is pushing the baby out and experiencing some discomfort, there can be family tension about who is allowed to enter the delivery room.

Mama’s partner is the best person to bring into the delivery room, if they plan to be involved in the baby’s life. Women may feel pressured by their moms or partners to allow them in the delivery room. I can tell you that the pressure from other Moms in your family can be quite intense.

It is important to remember thatit’s your deliveryYou have the right to choose who will be there with you. You will be in a vulnerable situation, and you want to find the person who will be most caring, comforting, reassuring, and understanding. No matter who the person is, it’s best to stand up for yourself. In a stressful, high-anxiety environment, you have to do your best.

  1. What is the common theme?

You may have already noticed a theme. This is everything you need to know before going into labor. Trust your instincts and get to know yourself. This will allow you to determine the best possible scenario for your delivery and include all details in your birth plan.

You will know who the best person is to have in your room, regardless of whether you have to shave or put on makeup, or what your first snack should be. When it comes to delivery, what are the most embarrassing parts? Do not be ashamed to laugh at yourself. You won’t be one of the last moms to vomit during delivery. Soon enough, you will be knee deep in diapers!

Motherhood is messy, ugly, beautiful, and real. It will make the delivery experience that much more enjoyable if you accept that fact. All of us are thinking about you and wish you a positive, safe delivery experience. You are capable, Mama.