Mothers can breast pump, which can be a wonderful thing, can be a great thing. Did you know that breast pumping is preferred by many moms over breastfeeding? There are many ways that you can make breast pumping go smoothly. These 5 breast pumping tips will make your life easier.

Tip #1: Pump to Enhance Your Senses

Your breast milk can be increased by focusing on your senses. Really! Seriously! Make a point to be in tune with your surroundings, look at a picture (or 5) of your little one, pump in their room or smell a piece of their clothing, and you can even record your little one’s noises (yes even the hungry cries) to help encourage letdown.

Tip #2: Keep Multiple Sets

For busy moms, or all moms, backup pumping sets are a great option. These will be handy for in-between cleanings, and they’ll also provide you with spare parts in the event that a valve or tubing fails. Psst…don’t forget that your FSA funds cover breastfeeding needs and we’ve got your parts here.

Tip #3: Get ready for the HEAT

Because heat softens the milk, it can help you produce more milk. A heating pad works great, or you can pack breast comfort pads like these in your pumping bag. They fit perfectly around your breasts, can be worn under your nursing bra and can also be used as heat pads or ice packs (hello swelling boobies’ relief).

Tip #4: Psych yourself out!

This piggybacks off of Tip #1: Use your senses. This piggybacks on Tip 1. If you can See also: Your brain will tell you how much milk has been pumped. Even though you may feel full, it will tell you that you have done enough. Stress and worry can also play a significant role in milk production. The Sock Hack Cover the baby bottle that you are pumping into with a baby sock. Simply slip the baby sock on top of the bottle and pump away! You won’t be able to see how much you have pumped, but it’s worth keeping an eye on it because spilled milk can be very unpleasant.

Tip #5 – Freeze in a Wipes Container

This is one of those “Oh man!” moments. Bump’s 90% share these “duh!” tips. Many breast milk storage containers show milk standing up, which takes up lots of space. Zip the bag, place it flat and label. Finally, put your empty wipes container in your refrigerator. It takes up very little space and keeps your milk bags separated from other things. You can also stockpile breastmilk by laying them flat. A lot the container can hold approximately 20 bags.

Mothers who want to improve their day-to-day productivity and retain some of their brain power can benefit from breast pumping. It doesn’t matter if you pump at work or stay home with your baby, having a supply is vital.